There’s a reason I’ve created this new blog. A reason that I hope will be a launchpad for a variety of other reasons to continue to use this blog in the future…

In August of 2016, I will be leaving Texas and the United States for three weeks to visit my “Russian sister”, Maria Revina, in two different countries. My first stop is Beijing, China, where Maria is currently finishing her first year of graduate school. My next stop will be Moscow and Maria’s hometown of Kursk, Russia. Lastly, I will finish my trip and depart for the US from St. Petersburg, Russia.

So essentially, I will be circling the globe in three weeks! With this blog I will document my travels, share pictures of the sites and review the numerous airlines I will be flying with. I will document the process of preparation for visiting two foreign countries. I will share travel trips that I already know from my study abroad trip to South Korea, as well as new tips that I learn on this new adventure! I will share my thoughts and observations on cultural differences and new experiences abroad. Typical travel blog stuff!

However, there is another purpose for this trip and this blog that I want to make known. Between Maria and I, there is a story of international friendship, cross-cultural communication and life lessons that deserves to be shared. Many of you know us from snapshots of our relationship on social media, or from the time that Maria spent in Texas in 2013, or from Maria’s visit to Seoul in 2015. But with this blog I want to share our whole story from the beginning, as well as how our long-distance friendship has changed my outlook on life, my relationships with friends and family and my even my academic experience.

And of course, I think Maria herself will want to contribute. 🙂

So as cheesy as it sounds, please stay tuned!


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